Troop 30 Recent Activities-2012

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December '12 - Troop Christmas Party, Fairmount (evening activity)

Happy Holidays! (12/13)


December '12 - Shooting Campout, Bench Rest Rifle Club (2 nights - tents)

17 Scouts & 13 Adults (11/30 - 12/2)


November '12 - Scouting For Food (day activity)

Thanks to all Scouts and Adults who helped out over the past two Saturdays with Scouting for Food!  When all was done, Troop 30 collected 4258 items that were delivered to the Sts. Joachim and Ann food pantry. What a great way to help out those in need within our own community. (11/10 & 11/17)


October '12 - Webeloree, Beaumont Scout Ranch (2 nights - Adirondacks)

21 Boy Scouts, 16 Troop Adults, 16 Webelo II's, 8 Webelo I's, 19 Webelo Parents.  (10/26-10/28)


September '12 - Survival Campout, Steinbach Family Property, Sullivan, MO (1 night - tents/shelters)  
7 Scouts, 5 Adults.  Rain, build your own shelter, MRE's, unusual campfire "fuel", a great day and night in the woods. (9/15-9/16)



September '12 - OA Fall Reunion, S-F Scout Ranch (2 nights - tents)

7 Scouts, 5 Adults.  Two Scouts completed Ordeal and two Adults completed Brotherhood -- congratulations!!



August '12 - Upper Meramec Float Trip / Campout, Steelville, MO (2 nights - tents)
19 Scouts, 12 Adults, 1 Venture Scout.  One stray cat; rainy nights but a beautiful sunny day. A gracious host with an old very tired bus (maybe a West Virginia hand me down). And many thanks to Venture Crew 444 for the canoes!!  (8/3-8/5)



July '12 - Summer Camp, Camp Lewallen (Apache Campsite), Silva, MO (6 nights - tents)
20 Scouts, 7 Adults.  3 Scouts called out for OA.  38 completed merit badges and 3 partial. Winners of the Water Carnival Relay race!!!, 3rd place Dive Stick Challenge, 3rd place Water Polo, 3rd place Scoutmaster Bellyflop.  Awesome "toll gate" camp gadget made with lashings.  Members of the "Voyageur Patrol of the Week".  Several raccoon visits. One skunk.  27 survivors of "Heat Wave 2012".  (7/1-7/7)



June '12 - New River Gorge (WV) High Adventure Trip (1 night - hotel, 5 nights - tents)
7 Scouts, 6 Adults.  Three words to describe the trip: fun-exciting-memorable, guides-fun-Surprise!, needed more time, Groover (that says it all!), new-fun-memorable, amazing-adventure-cornhole, fun-energetic-teamwork, Surprise-Surprise-Surprise, way too quick. One week on the calendar; memories that will last a lifetime.... (6/3-6/9)



June '12 - Florida Sea Base High Adventure Trip (6 nights - tents)
5 Scouts, 3 Adults.  (5/31-6/6)

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May '12 - Jefferson Barracks Memorial Day Good Turn (day activity)

8 Scouts, 2 Siblings, 13 Adults.  Hot, Long Winded Speakers, Hot, Long Walk, Hot, Meaningful Service to Pay Tribute.  (5/27)


May '12 - Hiking/Backpacking Campout, Beaumont - Laemmli & Nusser Campsites (2 nights - tents)
11 Scouts, 6 Adults.  Great weather, ticks, five mile hike (1st years), 7 mile backpacking hike with overnight at a separate campsite (older scouts), ticks, good dinner cooked over an open fire, games in the woods and fields, ticks, "the best Sunday breakfast I've ever had on a campout", and ticks...  (5/18-5/20)



May '12 - Kayak Prep Session, Creve Coeur Lake (day activity)
7 Scouts.  Practice session in kayaks for the scouts going on the Whit Water Rafting high adventure trip; hosted by Sea Scout Ship 5001.  (5/12)



May '12 - Shooting Campout, Bench Rest Rifle Club (2 night - tents)
21 Scouts, 8 Adults.  (5/4-5/6)



April '12 - OA Spring Conclave, Beaumont Scout Ranch (2 night - tents)

5 Scouts, 6 Adults.  Rain, Mud, Heavy Rain. Card games. Free ice cream! 1 Scout completed his Ordeal at a VERY big ceremony. Mr. O hit 200 nights of camping with the troop! Rain. (4/13-4/15)


March '12 - Arrow-of-Light Campout/Ceremony, Beaumont - Laemmli Campsite (1 night - tents)
28 Scouts, 12 Adults.  First campout with the Troop for the scouts who crossed over in 2012. The lure of the creek resulted in lots of wet clothes and shoes. Impressive Arrow-of-Light ceremony, followed by a memorable flag retirement ceremony. (3/31-4/1)



March '12 - Spring Break Trip, Shiloh National Military Park, Battlefield Campground (2 nights - tents)

6 Scouts, 6 Adults. 16 mile hike. 1 bald eagle (with a fish). Lots of cannons. Remembering those who fought for what they believed. Ryan hit 100 nights of camping! Mr. F, Mr. M, Ryan and Jacob having a lot of memories from their first Boy Scout camp! (3/10-3/12) 


February '12 - Green and Gold Banquet and Lock-in, Chapel of the Cross Lutheran Church (1 night - inside)

Lots of food, basketball, wiffle ball, video games (one controller...), midnight pizza, up all night (well, some us), Frisbee in the face, door in the face, an "accident" in the hall; a night to talk about for a long time... 


February '12 - Scout Sunday, First Baptist Church St. Charles (day activity)

4 Scouts and 8 Adults.  A Scout is Revenant... Conducted the flag ceremony and enjoyed the Sunday service as a troop.


January '12 - Tree Houses Campout, S-F Scout Ranch (2 nights - Adirondacks)    
12 Scouts and 7 Adults.  Warmer than usual weather, a day of fun and games (who knew there were so many different ways to play hide-and-seek...), bear bag challenge, one raccoon, and no Tree House campout is complete without flashlight tag!