Troop Documents

Complete form and submit to Troop Treasurer to request reimbursement for Troop expenses.
Driver Information / Adult Personal Data Form
All adults that drive Scouts to campouts & outings must have a current form on file with the troop. 
Blank Outing Form
Fill-in-the-blank version of the troop's campout / outing permission slip form. 
Troop 30 Service Project Form
Print form and get approval from Troop Service Project Coordinator before beginning the service project.  
Rank Advancement Guidelines
Overview of how the rank advancement process works.  
Troop Leadership Position Descriptions
Job descriptions and duties for each of the troop leadership positions (refer to the "Our Patrols" page).  
ASM Conference Pre-check Forms
Scout should print the ASM Conference Pre-check form and work with the Asst. Scoutmasters to complete the form. 
Scoutmaster Conference Worksheet
Scout should print the Scoutmaster Conference Worksheet, complete it, and bring it to the Scoutmaster Conference with them.  
ASM Kit Contents
Diagram showing the contents of the ASM Kit Backpack (resources for the ASM's to use during the Scoutmaster Conference Pre-Check).  
Campout Forms
Patrol Menu Planning Form and Patrol Duty Roster Form (refer to the "Our Patrols" page).  
Campout Packing Lists
Basic Essentials list, camping checklists, clothing checklists, and personal first aid kit checklist (refer to the "Our Patrols" page).  
Leadership Position Descriptions
Job description, duties, and requirements for the various youth leadership positions (refer to the "Our Patrols" page).  
Patrol Box Inventory & Contents
Inventory and typical contents of the Patrol Boxes (refer to the "Our Patrols" page).  
Copy of the Life to Eagle presentation provided by Mr. O.
Both forms must be completed and submitted before an individual may volunteer.

Troop Procedures

Parent Handbook
The parent handbook contains many of the guidelines and procedures used by the troop. 
Upload Photos to Webmaster 
Follow this procedure to upload photos to the webmaster, to be added to the troop website.
Campout / Outing Attendance Reporting 
After the event, the Adult Coordinator should forward the final attendance list (including which adults drove) to the COR and Webmaster. 
Rank Advancement Guidelines
Overview of how the rank advancement process works. 
Troop Elections
Outline of the troop election process and timing. 
Merit Badges
Procedure the Scouts should follow when they want to work on a merit badge.