Upload Photos to the Webmaster

Note:  You must have a Google account to upload photos.

To upload photos to the Webmaster to be included in the "Recent Activities" page, follow the steps below:


1) Email the Webmaster at T30BTWebmaster@gmail.com to receive a photo upload link (Google Drive     link) via return email.  Please include the name of the campout/outing in the email. 


2) Pre-edit the photos to narrow them down to the ones that you would like to have uploaded.


3) Upload photos via the link sent in the email:

     - Limit the number of photos to qty-50 or less

        (if you have more than fifty that you would like to upload, please discuss it with the Webmaster first)

     - You will need to sign into (or create) your Google Account in order to upload the photos


4) Reply to the photo upload link email and let the Webmaster know the photos have been uploaded:

     - In the email, please include a brief description (a few sentences) of the event


5) Webmaster will edit and upload the photos to the Recent Activities page
    (generally 25-30 of the photos will be added to the page)


6) Webmaster will reply to the sender when photos have been added to the Recent Activities page


7) Review the photos from the Recent Activities page and enjoy!!