Scouting For Food
- Saturday, 11/8, 9:00 AM - Bag Drop Off
- Saturday, 11/15, 10:00 AM - Can Pick Up

Prepared. For Life. TM

November Court of Honor has been rescheduled from 11/6 to 11/20.

Recharter due by the November COH (11/20):
  - Scouts = $84.00, Boy's Life=$12.00 (optional)
  - Adults = $24.00
See emails for more details.

For an overview of troop outings planned for the coming year, see the Outings Planning Schedule.

Boy Scout Camping Tips:
Instead of carrying a pillow, stuff clothes into a larger stuff sack -- it makes a dandy pillow; your clothes will be dry and maybe even warm in the morning.

 Click here for past camping tips. 







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